______  A R O U N D   A R M E N I A   I N   8   D A Y S ______  

When a deeply hidden part of your self wants to see the mountains with a subconscious, instinctive eagerness, wants to run to a smile full of loud ideas and a childish spark in the eyes, shut the doors behind you and come to our country. Here, in the faraway land, many things get lost from the sight…
This tour is a review that will allow you enjoy the most popular places in Armenia. While our cities are all about high concentration of culture and movement, the mountains, monasteries and natural monuments state peace, beauty, the art of observation, and freedom. We provided for the balance of inspiration in the tour. We can select it if this is your second or even third visit to Armenia and you want to see what you’ve missed in the previous trips and leave with emotionally charged words and thought.

???? Day 1
???? Airport – Yerevan
???? 12km

∙ Arrival.
∙ Transfer to the hotel.
∙ Welcome dinner with national dishes – Meeting with the guide.
∙ A walking tour around the downtown.

????Day 4
???? Jermuk-Caravanserai-Sevan-Sevanavank-Dilijan
???? 325km.

∙ Breakfast at the hotel
∙ Departure for Selim Caravanserai, one of valuable stations of the Silk Road in Armenia, which provided a night stop for caravans moving through Armenia to Europe and the East.
∙ The next stop is Lake Sevan. We’ll visit Sevanavank (Sevan monastery), situated on the peninsula of the same name, then we’ll have lunch at a cozy lakeshore restaurant.
∙ After lunch we’ll travel to the city of Dilijan, a mountain balneological resort that you might know from the popular Soviet film “Mimino”. The city preserved beautiful antique houses with carved wooden balconies. We’ll also visit ∙ ∙ Lake Parz before the sightseeing tour.

???? Day 7
???? Gyumri – Lake Arpi National Park – Gyumri – Yerevan
???? 240km
∙ Breakfast at the hotel.
∙ Departure for Lake Arpi National Park. The park features 670 types of vascular plants, including great number of endemics of Caucasus and Armenia, as well as 255 species of vertebrate animals (more than 10 of them are in the IUCN Red List, such as otter, European polecat, Vipera darevskii, etc.). Here live the largest number of Eurasian Jackdaws in the world. The park is the only place for Dalmatian pelican breeding in Armenia, and the only place in the world where you can see Vipera darevskii. We’ll take a walk around the park and rest on the lakeshore.
∙ Lunch.

∙ Trip to Harichavank monastery. 
∙ Return to Yerevan.



???? Hotel 2* – City Center Picnic
???? Hotel 3* – Silachi Hotel
???? Hotel 4* – Tufenkian Historic Yerevan
???? Hotel 5* – Grand Hotel

???? Diana Hotel 4*
???? Best Western Paradise Hotel Dilijan 4*
???? Jermuk Ani Hotel 3*
???? Apaga Resort
???? Villa Kars Hotel 3*

T O U R   P R O G R A M

???? Day 2
???? Yerevan-Khor Virap-Noravank-Areni-Tatev-Goris

???? 315km
∙ Breakfast at the hotel.

∙ Departure for Khor Virap, a monastery fortress. A lovely view on Mount Ararat opens from the heights of monastery’s location, where Gregory the Illuminator, founder of Christianity in Armenia, was kept in prison for 13 years.
∙ Tour to the winemaking village of Areni. In early October the villages hosts a wine festival that gathers winemakers from Armenia and Artsakh. If you arrive in Armenia during the festival, we can change the tour schedule so that you can take part in it. We will also visit Hin Areni wine factory and learn about the process and technology of winemaking step by step. 
∙ Visit to Medieval monastery Noravank, which stands on the terrace of the winding gorge among red cliffs.
We’ll conclude the day with a visit to the powerful Tatev monastery. We’ll get up to the monastery by the longest aerial tramway in the world, going through 12 full minutes of unforgettable passage above Vorotan, the turbulent mountain river. We’ll take a walk around the village of Tatev, have tea at a cottage, then travel on comfortable vehicles to stay the night at Goris.

???? Day 5
???? Dilijan- Haghartsin-Lastiver-Yenokavan 

???? 100 km.
∙ Breakfast at the hotel.
∙ Beech woods, steep serpentines of the ridges, Hagartsin monastery (10-13th century) and the legendary walnut tree considered to be the monastery’s contemporary will be our first stop in the tour.
∙ Then we take a short 3km trip through the woods to the river Khachaghbyur. Mysterious caves of the Mezolythic period, a waterfall, formidable rocks and cliffs await us there. Nevertheless, the riverside features a lovely camp where we can rest and eat.
∙ We conclude the day with a trip to Apaga Resort, where Armenia’s adventure park is located. The park offers zip-lines, paraplan, horse riding, rope park, offroad, mountain bycicles, paintball, and a rest zone.
∙ Dinner.
∙ We pass the night at Apaga Resort.
???? Day 8
???? Yerevan-Shopping tour, Free time, Transfer to airport.
???? 20km.


• Accommodation,
• Individual transfers airport-hotel-airport,

• Breakfast

• Comfortable transport for transfers within the tour,
• Welcome dinner,
• Wine tasting,
• Entry tickets,
• Spring water in the transfer transport,
• Tour programme and the map of Armenia
• Taxes.

????Day 3
????Goris-Old Khndzoresk-Zorats Karer-Jermuk
???? 160km
∙ After breakfast at the hotel, we go to the cave town of Old Khndzoresk. It’s hiding in the deeps gorge, where we’ll get by a beautiful suspension bridge.Visit to Zorats Karer, ancient megalithic complex.

∙ Visit to the cave Areni-1. Areni-1 is one of the rare and well-preserved monuments of late Chalcolithic period in Armenia and a proof of the 6000-year-old history of Armenian winemaking. The most ancient footwear was found in Areni-1. The independent expert evaluation by Oxford and the Institute of California discovered that the shoe is 5,500 years old (accuracy of 95.4%) and was made in the period between 3627 and 3377 B.C.  
∙ Departure for resort city of Jermuk.
∙ Lunch.
∙ Walking tour around the city.
∙ Dinner.

???? Day 6
???? Yenoqavan-the village of Molokans (Russian religious minority) – Gyumri
???? 165 km.
∙ Breakfast at the hotel.

∙ The Molokans’ movement spread in Russia in the second half of the 18th century and early 19th century. Their main differences from the Orthodox line are rejection of _, worship of icons and visits to temples. Molokans don’t hold weddings; they condemn consumption of tobacco and alcohol. According to some theories, “Molokans” is a nickname they were given by the Orthodox Christians. It comes from “moloko” – “milk”. According to this version, Molokans consumed milk during fasting, which is prohibited by the Orthodox laws, and for that reason, they were called “milk drinkers” – Molokans.
∙ Departure for the cultural capital of Armenia – Gyumri. 
∙ Short city tour that includes a visit to the old city. Don’t forget to take your cameras – the architecture in Gyumri is exquisite. 
∙ People familiar with old Armenian films will have a good surprise.
∙ Dinner.

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????The tour price is indicated per person for DBL room accommodation.


• Airticket,
• Medical insurance,
• Hot drinks,
• Lunches and dinners.

City Center Picnic 2*1025 USD
Silachi Hotel 3*1140 USD
Hotel Tufenkian Historic Yerevan 4*1250 USD
Grand Hotel 5*1500 USD
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