_____ R U R A L   S T O R I E S_____ 

Unhurried traveling is a matter of conscious choice and a sign that you need to slow your routine down. This tour ought to become a lull. Unhurried travel restores the right of time, turning its deficiency into abundance. During our tour, your relations with the places of visit will acquire a new form, inspiring you to dive into the everyday life of those whose lands you are traveling. 

???? Day 1
???? Yerevan – Bjni
???? 68km

Immediately after arrival we’ll travel to the village of Bjni, located in river Hrazdan gorge. Here we’ll spend the next 3 nights at a cottage. On Day 1, we’ll have a nice dinner and tea party with the hostess. The cottage is a peaceful place, where we’ll spend joyful time.

???? Day 2
???? Bjni – Garni-Geghard – Bjni
???? 134km

We’ll have delicious country meals from local products for breakfast. Then we’ll learn about everyday life and history of the village. The first mentions of that settlement are dated to the 5th century. The village features Mother of God Church, built in 1031. In the times of Pakhlavuni house, the church became a center of theology and sciences. Local monks translated Plato and Euclid into Armenian. A high point not far from the church bears the walls of once unassailable fortress. Annalists called Bjni “the unassailable residence of gods”, as it was impossible to take by neither attack nor siege. The secret of that resilience was in 3 underground passages that connected the fortress with nearby settlements, which provided the sieged with everything they needed. One of those underground ways began in the church. We’ll also make trips to the pagan temple of Garni and the cave monastery of Geghard after lunch.

???? Day 3
???? Bjni – Sevan – Dilijan – Bjni

On day 3, we’ll travel to the west and north of Armenia. We’ll see Lake Sevan, the balneological resort town of Dilijan, visit the best local cafes and restaurants. On that day we’ll watch the contrasts of Armenia.

???? Day 4
???? Bjni – Yerevan
A day from capital resident’s life, or around Yerevan in 24 hours.

???? Day 5
???? Yerevan – Byurakan
????  35km
On day 5, we will travel to a very special place. It’s a house-national theatre, and house-flair. We’ll learn about the village’s everyday life and customs and make small trips. In the evening, national song and dance, shadow theatre and talks about national beliefs await us

???? Day 6
???? Byurakan
???? 0km
We’ll spend the day at the village. A day for quiet, coziness, delicious dishes, and quality time.

???? Day 7
???? Byurakan – Khor-Virap – Areni – Noravank – Tatev
???? 308km
Early in the morning, we’ll travel to the south of Armenia. We will visited the legendary Khor-Virap, winemaking village of Areni, the unique architectural monument Noravank, and finally, in the end of the day we’ll head to Tatev village, which features the monastery of the same name, by the longest ropeway in the world. There we’ll spend the night at a cottage.

???? Day 8
???? Tatev – Zorats Karer – Khndzoresk – Yerevan
???? 339km
Zorats Karer (“stones of warriors” or “stone army” in Armenian) is an ancient Megalithic complex. Khndzoresk is an ethereally beautiful cave town, where you can get by a bridge above a gorge.This is the day for a different Armenia – southern, embracing your conscience with power, clarity, and mists.

???? Day 9
???? Yerevan – shopping tour – transfer to airport
???? 20km



• Accommodation,
• Individual transfers airport-hotel-airport,
• Breakfast
• Comfortable transport for transfers within the tour,
• Welcome dinner,
• Wine tasting,
• Entry tickets,
• Spring water in the transfer transport,
• Tour programme and the map of Armenia
• Taxes.


• Airticket,
• Medical insurance,
• Hot drinks,
• Lunches and dinners.

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????The tour price is indicated per person for DBL room accommodation.

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