___________ W I N E   T A L K S ___________

✓ Our wine travels are trips to winemaking facilities, gastronomical restaurants, and wine clubs.
✓ All wine tours contain a gastronomical component, as we not only introduce you to the regional cuisine, but also organize your participation in cooking workshops, dedicated to national dishes, with best chefs in the country.
✓ Our wine expert will accompany you throughout the tour.  
✓ Our uniquely designed programs can combine vacation or business trip with educational component in enogastronomy and culturology.

T O U R    P R O G R A M

❝ Archeologists dug out huge wine cellars in an Urartian fortress of Teishebani in Yerevan. The cellars hosted 480 wine karases, placed in strict order, with capacity of 250 to1500 liters each. Blackened grape seeds lay in the barns for twenty-seven centuries and revealed their secret only in the end of last century. Armenia’s largest winemaker Prof. L. Janpoladyan found that the seeds belong to eight grape varieties, including Mskhali, Garan-Dmak (“broad tale”), Ararati (Khachabash), remedial variety Khardji (Voskehat), and of course, the tenderest Kishmish, all of which still grow in Ararat valley.❝


???? D A Y   1
???? 12 KM.
Arrival to Yerevan, a tour around the city. In the evening, we dine a restaurant, have a wine discussion and visit a wine bar.


???? D A Y   2
???? 250 KM.

Departure to Armenia’s southern winemaking region of Vayots Dzor, which CNN included in top 15 wine touristic routes. It’s one of the best terroirs in Armenia and the world. Vayots Dzor is situated in southeast, and it was here that the most ancient winemaking facility in the world was discovered. The region’s name translates as “the gorge of wailing”, because that mountainous area, rich with caves and gorges, frequently suffered from earthquakes. The soil is volcanic, rocky. The vineyards sit at 1200-1800m height above sea level. Areni is the special grape variety of the region. Specifically undertaken DNA analysis showed no connection between Areni and other varieties. It’s a strong and resilient variety, which feels great in mountainous areas. Wines made of Black Areni have distinctive elegance and fresh quality. We will learn about the history and peculiarities of the region’s winemaking, taste the wines, visit local wineries, have a wine discussion and go sightseeing.

???? Dear guests, our “Wine talks” tours are programs designed exclusively by our managers in cooperation with a fantastic expert and just a wonderful woman, sommelier Toma Ohajanyan. 

???? D A Y   3
???? 173 km.
In the first half of the day, we’ll visit winemaking region of Aragatsotn that suffered rather strongly in Gorbachev’s time. The region lies on volcanic layers, at 4090m height above sea level. The region is distinguished by Kangun variety. It’s a hybrid created in Armenia by crossing of Rkatsiteli and White Sukholiman (hybrid of Chardonnay and Plavac). We will talk about that and many other topics during the wine discussion in the village of Garni, where we’ll head to right after the lunch in Yerevan.


???? D A Y   4
???? 210 KM.
Departure to Armenia’s northern winemaking region – Tavush, situated in the northeast and bordering Georgia and Azerbaijan. Tavush is home to vast forests, rivers and springs. That area is considered a perfect place for white wine production. Out experienced wine expert will introduce you to the unique winemaking traditions of Tavush region.

???? D A Y   5
???? 20 KM.

❕ Dear guests, we can change the program of the tour if you wish. Please contact us on [email protected] if you have questions. We ask to you fill the booking form carefully, as it defines efficiency of your request’s processing. You can also choose at which hotels you want to stay. You can view the hotels, indicate those you like in the Booking form (you can indicate your other wishes in the field of additional services) and we’ll reassess the tour price.
???? The tour price is indicated per person for twin room accommodation.


• Individual transfers airport-hotel-airport
• Accommodation
???? Hotel 2* – City Center Picnic
???? Hotel 3* – Silachi Hotel
???? Hotel 4* – Tufenkian Historic Yerevan
???? Hotel 5* – Grand Hotel

•  Comfortable transport for transfers within the tour,
• Welcome dinner,
• The services of the accompanying sommelier,
• All tasting sessions included in the program,

• Entry tickets,
• Spring water in the transfer transport,
• Tour programme and the map of Armenia
• Taxes.


• Airticket,
• Medical insurance,
• Hot drinks (with exception of the wines served within the tasting programme) 
City Center Picnic 2*525 USD
Silachi Hotel 3*590 USD
Tufenkian Historic Yerevan 4*675 USD
Grand Hotel 5*735 USD
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