The ideology machine of the Soviet Union did everything possible to destroy the memory of old Yerevan. Almost none are left from the buildings, monuments and streets depicting the spirit and glitter of past times. It was done purposefully, to create a brand new capital for all Armenians. However, during this excursion we will try to recreate the image of the past and introduce you to not just Armenia’s pink city that is older than Rome, but a city of centuries-old cultural and architectural layers, a capital where renowned scientists, writers and philosophers lived and worked.


The walk begins at 7 am. If you wish, you will be accompanied by a photographer (for additional fee). Duration of the excursion: 3 hours.We indicated the price per person. The tour price does not include breakfast.

During the walk, we will talk about the old Yerevan, the new Yerevan, the Yerevan of the 21st century. We’ll walk around the downtown in early morning, when the city is just waking up and the things are slowly starting to hum. We’ll walk to chat, breathe in the fresh morning air, get familiar with Yerevan, and of course, to have breakfast…


1 person50 USD
2 person25 USD
5 person10 USD
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