General information

 “Vaneni Tourism Studio LLC”, a travel company registered in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia at Teryana 91 st., ITN 00465928, is a travel agency and, therefore, acts as an intermediary between the passenger and various service providers, such as: suppliers of airline tickets, hotels, transport, travel packages, excursions, etc. “LLC Vaneni Tourism Studio” is not responsible for any failures related to the improper performance of services by service providers, or unforeseen factors, such as strikes, weather, holidays, and the like. Booking one or more services offered by “Vaneni Tourism Studio LLC” means that the customer accepts all the conditions set out in this document.

Terms and conditions for booking travel services

  1. Booking application

The tour operator “LLC Studio Vaneni Tourism” accepts applications for booking in the following formats:

  1. a) by means of the booking form on the website, where all fields marked with an asterisk must be filled in,
  2. b) via an e-mail about the reservation, which will be sent to e-mail [email protected];

The tour operator “Tourism Studio Vaneni LLC” guarantees the confidentiality of the personal information provided, which will be used exclusively for making reservations and providing the corresponding service.
The booking service provided by the LLC Vaneni Tourism LLC is free of charge, and there are no other hidden or undeclared fees or charges in addition to the prices indicated on the website. Moreover, the tour operator can often offer discounts and/or additional free services.

  1. Booking Confirmation

After submitting a reservation application via a form on the website or e-mail, the tour manager will contact you at the latest within 24 hours. Please fill in the booking form carefully, while the efficiency of processing your request depends on it. To do this, look through the hotels, indicate it in the booking form (in the additional services column, you can also indicate other requirements) and we will recalculate the tour. If there is a lack of information or inaccuracies in the application, the tour manager will contact you by phone or via e-mail. For phone calls originating from our company, all costs are assumed by the company.
With each individual client at all stages of the provision of services only one tour manager of the company works. Letters and calls sent from our employees are personalized.
Please note that your request will be guaranteed only after confirmation in written form by the company “Studio Vaneni Tourism LLC” – via email.
Confirmation of booking travel services includes information describing the travel services you ordered, their costs and payment terms. As a rule, the final letter confirming the reservation consists of a letter of confirmation, an invoice for prepayment, a contract, a detailed tour program, contact details for the staff and places of visit, maps, itinerary, etc.

  1. Payment for ordered services

To book a group tour, you must pay an advance payment of 100 USD per person. This is the amount that guarantees your arrival and covers our costs in case of cancellation. The rest of the tour price you pay on arrival at the site.
To book an individual tour, the prepayment amount is negotiated additionally with the tour manager.

  1. Cancellation of ordered services

For cancellation of already booked and confirmed applications, you must write a letter with the corresponding requirement to the e-mail address of your tour manager. In case of cancellation of the tour, the prepayment is not refunded, however, this advance payment will be valid if in the future a tourist decides to use the services of “LLC Vaneni Tourism Studio”

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